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About Coalition Tea


Michael Montgomery, Founder.

My first venture in the beverage business was a lemonade stand.  It was highly successful, until we got kicked off the golf course.  Despite this inauspicious beginning, I have big dreams for Coalition Tea.

I served for ten years in the US Army, doing many different jobs over many deployments.  Whether I was with my vertical engineer unit in the junkyard having a cup with the locals in Iraq, or later in Psychological Operations in Northern Iraq sharing tea with ISWAT and ISOF units or finally as a Green Beret in Afghanistan, tea was a signature part of my experience through all my deployments.

Growing up, my mother always had tea in the house, but I never really appreciated it until my service brought me to places like Iraq and Afghanistan.  Nothing is ever done until after tea.  We bridged the gap over tea during key leader engagements and with our partner forces abroad.


Coalition Tea's mission is to bridge the gap between our service members and the civilian population over a cup of tea.

All of Coalition Tea's blends start with tea growers who meet our high standards to reduce their impact on elephant populations and care for our planet.

Our logo is a throwback to the China Burma India Campaign World War II theater insignia.  This is a handmade leather version of the insignia, brought back from Burma by the founder's Grandfather and displayed proudly on our wall.